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Since 03/09/2013.

This site is designed to keep members up to date with all aspects of the Dublin Chapter as well as let others see what we do.

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Welcome to the Dublin Woodturners website

January 2016 Meeting.

The January meeting gave us two notable events. Firstly, Christy Glynn gave us a rollicking demo of some of his vast repertoire of wood carving skills. Knowing that Christy’s demos are always fast moving and loosely structured, the scribe came with an extra sharp pencil. Christy showed us how to carve a twist on the pillar of a pedestal, that would typically be used for a table. Everything was done quickly and with a unique skill that can only be acquired “at the bench” (he started young).

He then switched to showing us how to make a copy  of an elaborate leg. The original had a lion theme to it: a carved head, claw foot, and a ruffled chest. Marking the salient points in pencil, from the orginal to the blank that was to become the copy, was achieved in a blink and carving of the main features began. “It’s easy” he said “you just remove a little material at a time. Don’t worry about accurate marking out - things can be fixed while carving .” Easy for him to say! Christy was beaten by the clock, but he did enough to show us his unique, hard-learned skills gleaned from over 60 years of working with wood and chisel.

Secondly, the winner of the Beginners category in the monthly competition was 10 years old! Jack Wright made an excellent shallow unfinished bowl (un-sanded). Congratulations to Jack, and we hope he continues woodturning and putting it up to the older generation!

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Feb. Sat. Demo: Michael Fay

Feb. Sat. Comp: Box with Lid

Feb. Wed. Demo: Peter Mulvaney


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December Demo - and Santa said “go forth and turn”.

We never had such a well-dressed  Santa for the December demo as today, thanks to the generous heart of Vinnie Whelan. Now, I couldn’t fathom the fiendish grin on Vinnie’s face till he informed me at the break that his Santa suit was fleece-lined, and that it would be worth keeping an eye on Joe’s  reactions as the morning wore on.  Well sure enough, Joe’s comments on the heat became  more frequent untill we thought he was going to burst a zip or something,  to alleviate the Turkish bath effect!!  Vinnie, you’re an awful man!  (hee!  Hee!)

Pacelli O’Rourke.

Joe proceeded to show us how to turn a potpourri bowl and lid.

See the report by Pacelli in the February Newsletter.