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Since 03/09/2013.

This site is designed to keep members up to date with all aspects of the Dublin Chapter as well as let others see what we do.

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Welcome to the Dublin Woodturners website

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May. Sat. Demo: Jason Breach

May. Sat. Comp: Open

May. Wed. Demo: Paul Murtagh


Sat : Kriston


Wed: Pat Walsh


Wed: tbc


Sat: Jason


Wed: Paul



Sat: Tom


Wed: Willie


. . . September onwards: -

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Chapter Challenge - 2016

There was great response to last month's call to make a chess pawn. The winner was Dicey Reilly with Martin Boyle and Ronnie Butler also taking prizes. Joe O'Neill is holding 8 pawns from the competition and is hoping to select a team to make the full set shortly. He has the wood ready and waiting to go!

DWT Annual Seminar. May 7-8th. For more info., click here.

Pete Lyons legs it in Dublin.

In April we were were treated to a visit by Pete Lyons for our Saturday demo. Pete showed us how to make four table legs using a two-step off-centre technique. Marking out the important cuts on the four legs was the first thing, and then leg number one could be shaped. Holding the beech blank between centres, Pete trued it and then made the beads at the foot and the top. Moving  the foot off-centre, he shaped the curve from the foot, and then moving the top off-centre he shaped the curve from the square part at the top. Satisfied with the overall shape he replicated this process on leg number two, three and four. With this complete, he then returned to the first leg and shaped a peg at the top and parted off the material below the foot. Similarly with the other three legs which he then fitted into a makeshift table-top, that showed how the four legs could be used. Simple, when you have done it a few times, as Pete has.


Sat : Francis


Wed: Sean



Wed: tbc

Did you notice the blossom on the way into the April Saturday meeting? It was a beautiful Spring display.

Update on the Titans.

The Titans (first known as the Russian Dolls by DWT) were in the news again in the form of an article in the Irish Times on 15th March. “Art projects help teenagers at Temple Street Children’s University and Cork University Hospitals alter their reality” writes Sylvia Thompson.

See the article in the May Newsletter.