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Since 03/09/2013.

This site is designed to keep members up to date with all aspects of the Dublin Chapter as well as let others see what we do.

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Welcome to the Dublin Woodturners website

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 Jun - Bowl

 Jul - Lamp

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 Sep - Clock

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 Nov - AGM, no comp.

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June. Sat. Demo: Tom Murphy

June. Sat. Comp: Bowl

June. Wed. Demo: Willie Reville


Sat : Kriston


Wed: Pat Walsh


Wed: tbc


Sat: Tom


Wed: Willie


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Sat : Francis


Wed: Sean



Wed: tbc

May 2016 Seminar

This year Jason Breach visited from the UK to give us a demonstration of his broad range of skills. He began working in wood in his teenage years, and having been trained in furniture making and management, he eventually settled on woodturning as his chosen career. An Axminster trainer, Jason made for us two of his signature boxes, a ball-clock, and he showed us how he made the mixed-wood balls that are part of his checkers-boards.

His demo gave us good insight to the range of skills required of a professional woodturner, and his stories from around the world were very entertaining.

Not only did Jason demo for us on the Saturday, but he held a masterclass on the Sunday where attendees were guided through the process of making a box “a la Jason”. The editor attended, and I can say that I learned loads, including the best place to stand to catch box lids that come off!