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Since 03/09/2013.

This site is designed to keep members up to date with all aspects of the Dublin Chapter as well as let others see what we do.

You can use the menus at  top of the page and on the left panel navigate through the site.

Welcome to the Dublin Woodturners website

The Woodcutters of Larch Hill. This picture recently brought back memories of “The wood cutters of Larch Hill” for James (Shay) Nolan. He thought it was worth sharing. James explains. . . .  

Myself, Barry Dunne, Henry East, and the late Michael Kenny went to Larch Hill where Michael attended his beloved Walnut trees. Michael made a mixture at home which he added to water and as he said “I need to feed the trees this will help them.”

The Walnut trees were planted a few years back and Michael loved to tend to them every time he was invited to Larch Hill by Barry Dunne. Barry would look for volunteers at our meetings in Terenure to attend to the planting and maintenance of the trees at Larch Hill. It was on one of our visits to Larch Hill that we discovered an Elm tree in an adjacent field.

We made contact with the farmer and acquired the tree after some haggling by myself we agreed a price. We got such fun out of cutting the tree and dividing the loot among ourselves. Many visits were made to the site over several weekends. I myself got great enjoyment and distraction from events which were happening in my own life when my wife Linda took ill that year.

I visited Michael at his home in Woodlawn Churchtown many times over the years and got some fascinating tips on wood and the use of many tools he had in his studio at the end of his garden.

The photograph, from 2004, was taken by Barry Dunne. The line up from left to right is myself; the late Michael Kenny and Henry East.

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 Dec - Toy.

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Dec. Sat. Demo: Joe O'Neill

Dec. Sat. Comp: Toy

Dec. Wed. Demo: Joe O'Neill

November Meeting/AGM. November 7th saw the AGM for the Dublin Chapter. A lively affair with some comings and goings. Bob Finley declined a further year “at the helm”, and Joe McGloughlin stepped up to take the post of Chairman. Joe O’Neill, Vincent Whelan, Eammon Boland, Paul Murtagh, John Doran and Mike Sims accepted another year in their respective positions. This left Vice-Chair, Membership Secretary and Audio/Visual open positions. Three additional Chapter members volunteered to attend Committee meetings. They were Martin Boyle, Peter Mulvaney and Joe Fitzgerald. Also not an electable position, the maintenance of the Chapters Facebook page was taken over by Martin Boyle.

The AGM was followed by the Turner of the Year Awards, which this year went to Cecil Barron (artistic), Martin Boyle (beginners), Johnathan Wigham (experienced), and Seamus McKeefry (advanced). Well done!

Bob Finley then gave a demo on  “Finishing – The use of superglue and other finishing agents”, which is described in the December Newsletter. Some of Bob’s pens are shown  here. Thanks Bob for your year as Chairman and thanks for looking after the website at the beginning of the year.


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